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Bringing you the stories of our incredible team of children and families, teachers,

volunteers, pastors, partners and supporters every month.


Recently, Andean Aid teachers visited three children who attend our Florida 2000 Center in Rubio.Jose Enmanuel Contreras, 5, and his sister Yullie, 10, are excited because their mother is expecting a baby soon. We were joined by their grandparents and great-grandparents. It’s a kind and noble family.

Enmanuel is intelligent and loving; Yullie, likes to draw. She told us the best birthday gift she’s ever had was hearing the news that she will have a little brother or sister.We also visited Juda, whose mother died recently. Juda lives with his father, sister and grandfather. His father told us he’s been without consistent income these days, getting by on occasional help from a relative who lives out of the country.

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