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A beacon of hope and progress since 2003.

Educating at-risk children, empowering leadership and elevating communities

out of poverty in the Andes regions of Venezuela and Colombia.



Andean Aid is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing educational, physical,

emotional, social and spiritual development assistance to at-risk children

in the Andes mountain regions of Venezuela and Colombia.

Building the child, the church, and the community.

We’ve partnered with churches and their pastors to operate Help & Hope Centers in 11 impoverished communities.

Every day, our teachers assist 1,100 children (100 of whom are Venezuelan refugees) with their homework, providing materials, furniture, snacks and Bible learning. Many of our children have grades that exceed their peers at school.

We provide 3 nutritious meals per week to our children and their families in Venezuela where food is scarce and economically out of reach.

We employee teachers who instruct children and adults in new skills like sewing, knitting, guitar, English, soccer, and more - courses that enrich their lives and help them create opportunities for themselves.

At our Juan Christiansen School, children are getting an education considered the best in the region. We’re adding a grade level each year and building a new school on land donated to us by local government.

61 Teachers, leaders and volunteers empowered to lift communities out of poverty.




Demonstrating God's love to the children, their families, and their communities with educational assistance, skill training, and programs

designed to enrich and generate income.

News and Stories

Stories that take you into the communities we serve. 

A newsletter round-up of transformational ministry from the frontlines.





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